The main forum that hosts the Combat Arms Olympics and other CA related events.
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 Rules For The Olympics

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PostSubject: Rules For The Olympics   Fri Jan 01, 2010 6:13 pm

As you all know, this is the main site for the Combat Arms Olympics (CAO). You wouldn't be here unless you wanted it on the fun and action.

The Rules are simple.

#1. Events--------------------------------
*All combat arms modes are used, you will need to be able to play in all of them.
*Each person chosen for the event will be given a password to enter the room.
*only a certain amount can actually play the event. All the people qualified will be given a pass, but spots are on a first come, first serve basis.
*Don't worry if you can not participate in the event. PM a mod and they will move you to another event.
*Ranking is determined this way
The team that wins, gets the metals.
First is awarded to the person with the most kills, 2nd and 3rd are given to the next two.
If there is a tie, the one with the least deaths gets the metal.
Metals give that person points. 1st=8 2nd=4 3rd=2 everyone else=1
ONE MAN ARMY - metals by kills
QUARANTINE - metals by points
SPY HUNT - If super spy wins, he gets 10 points. if he losses, he gets 5. The rest are ranked by Kills.
FIRETEAM - (this IS considered a solo event) ranked by points
The tournament brackets will be set up so that there will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
The team that wins their match gets 2 points. the other gets none.
The tournament brackets will be set up to the number of team registered. if there are too many teams registered, the first 64 or 32 will be chosen.
In this case of metals, 1st gets 50 points, 2nd gets 20, and 3rd gets 10.
There might be a 7 day prize for some tournaments. Only the first place team can collect it.

#2. Rules------------------
*All ca rules must be followed.
*NX items that may boost your performance are strictly prohibited. (respawn tokens, specialist.)
*NO HACKS. Period.
*do not spam chat with whining. only strategy and sportsmanship is accepted.
*If a vote is called to kick someone, and that person is kicked, the event will be nullified.
*If any of these rules are broken, you may lose points or be kicked from the Olympics.

#3. Prizes--------------------
If you complete a special event, 1 day items will be gifted to the 1st place.
Special tourneys will have a 7 or 1 day prize.
At checkpoints, a certain number of people will get prizes based on rank in the games.
The overall champion will receive a 30 day item and Bragging rights!
The prizes will consist of Regular items, such as prim, support, mods, etc. NX item prizes will be rare. Trust me though, its on the list.
A certain number of people can get a signature that will show off their skills and how legit they are.
--1st place- Gold, metal count, point count, and player.
--2nd place- Silver, metal count, point count, and player.
--3rd place- Bronze, metal count, point count, and player.
--Rest of top ten- Green, metal count, point count.
--top fifty- Banner with metal count.
--top 100- Banner.

Anything related to the games will be posted in this forum. See you on the battle field!
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Rules For The Olympics
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